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Advanced residential
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UNCapped 500GB Fair Usage Policy
20 Mbps
20 Mbps
  • Free to use Wifi Router
  • VoIP options avalible
  • R20 per 1GB top up
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UNCapped 500 GB Fair Usage Policy thereafter 2mbit/s
Our FUP (Fair Usage Policy).
HX Frogfoot Fibre symmetric packages were created for the distinguished internet user with a need for quality, consistent synchronous upload and download speeds. All our symmetric packages are UNCAPPED product, but fair usage policies do apply to our Basic and Advanced Residential packages
All our Basic residential packages carry a 300GB data at full advertised speed usage limit per calendar month. Once the provided usage as indicated is exceeded within a calendar month, speeds are reduced to 2mbit/s. This reduction in speed will last until the first day of the following month, or when the client tops up their data at advertised rates. Topping up will lead to line speed returning to full speed as long as the data lasts. The same principle applies for the advanced packages save for the fact that the data limits increase to 500GB per calendar month. Our uncapped packages carry no limit. Customers requiring more data usage should select the unrestricted option or can upgrade at a later stage

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