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10 Mbps Capped Bundle
per month

FREE INSTALLATION | No once off costs for standard line installation + Router set-up by an expert technician
10 Mbps
200Gb cap
5 Mbps
200 GB
  • WiFi Router included
  • Voip Supafone
  • 1GB Moble Data
  • Month to Month contract
Free Mobile Data
*Save up to R3000 with Free standard Installation
Almost every household has multiple smart devices including laptops and tablets. We?re giving you 1 GB of free mobile data per month for you to use when you?re on the move. Our mobile data solution allows you to fully manage individual data allowances, threshold limits and alerts on your account. This is a SIM only product, hardware excluded.
Along with the Free standard line installation, Vox will send an expert technician to your door to install the Wi-Fi router and Supafone handset that is included in the bundle. *Cancellation T & C's apply.
Vox Supafone
Wi-Fi Router
The Vox Supafone offers you high-quality calls over your fibre connection using a cordless (DECT) phone that you can use throughout your house, saving up to 30% on call costs. Save even further with our Uncapped Voice offering, giving you uncapped calls to all national and local fixed-line, local mobile and most international destinations. Our network also supports soft phone clients
FREE to use Wi-Fi router to enable a wireless home network