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If you're looking for more information on Fibre-to-the-Home (FTTH) from Frogfoot Networks, needing to check whether your home is in one of our coverage areas, or wanting to place an order for fibre broadband from one of our ISP's, you've come to the right place!

Our "What is FTTH?" and FAQ sections provide insight into the world of fibre optic communications now available in a growing number of suburbs in South Africa. Until recently, Telkom were pretty much the only show in town when it came to connecting you via a cable to Internet.  If you don't want to use wireless, DSL has been your only cost effective option.

Lately, FTTH providers have been emerging to challenge Telkom's monopoly on the last mile, digging trenches and installing optic fibre cables in selected suburbs.  Some companies deploy the cables for their own exclusive use, while others resell capacity on their fibres to service providers who don't want to own cable infrastructure. 

Still others, like Frogfoot Networks, focus on wholesaling access to the fibre networks to Internet Service Providers and don't try to compete with them. These networks are known as Open Access networks, and have proven to be highly effective in stimulating competition in the fibre broadband market.  Consumers are offered a wide variety of choice when it comes to which ISP they take broadband from and have the power to switch between one ISP and another, using the same fibre connection!

Frogfoot Networks currently have 12 ISP's live on their network and are constantly expanding the list to provide you with the most attractive packages around.   

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