Who we are

Frogfoot is a licensed open access fibre network provider. With 15 years experience in the telecoms industry and widely acknowledged for their technical excellence, Frogfoot intends to play a pivotal role in the growth of fibre to the business and home in South Africa.
Funded by Rand Merchant Bank (RMB), Investec and Metier Capital, group revenue exceeding R1 billion per annum, and one of the only true open access wholesale fibre network offerings in the market, Frogfoot is well positioned to build and maintain fibre networks that will enable service providers to acquire their own fibre backbones on a shared network.
Having operated fibre networks throughout South Africa for years, Frogfoot understands the challenges of deploying and managing large fibre networks. Currently, the company has an extensive fibre footprint, with more than 5,000 buildings already linked to its network and a coverage area spanning more than 7,000 km2 in 5 regions.
Fibre networks are at the heart of reliable, robust, high performance telecommunications services; you need a company that has a sound grasp of telecoms engineering principles and how to implement them, looking after those networks.

Frogfoot is that kind of company.


Abraham van der Merwe

Abraham has co-founded and managed several successful companies in both telecommunications and electronic manufacturing industries. This includes Frogfoot, Amobia Communications, Teraco Data Environments, Riberry Communications, and 4D Technology. Abraham is a highly skilled entrepreneur with more than 15 years experience in the telecoms industry and a unique blend of strong vision, technical ingenuity and salesmanship.

Jacques du Toit

With almost 20 years of experience in the telecoms industry, Jacques has successfully built and managed a number of organisations over the years, including Orion Telecom - South Africa's largest LCR business. In 2013 Jacques was appointed as CEO of Vox Telecom, having previously run and managed the largest division in the Group, Vox Orion.

Gert Koen

Gert Koen obtained his BAcc (Hons) degree through the University of Stellenbosch in 2000 and completed his articles with Greenwoods Chartered Accountants, during which time he managed the audit of Vox Orion (Pty) Ltd (now a major subsidiary of Vox Telecom Limited).

Shane Chorley

Shane started with Vox Telecom as an external technician, evolved with the business, and as Head of Carrier and Connectivity is now driving the improvements in Vox's network design and growing their product offering. Shane views optic fibre as key to building solid, fast telecoms networks.


Frogfoot embraces the need to play a role in the economic and social development of our land through skills development and job creation. To this end, Frogfoot partners with the Learn to Earn organisation (http://www.learntoearn.org.za) in Enterprise Development activities.

Learn to Earn is a skills development and job creation organisation seeking to develop people, especially unemployed people, socially, economically, emotionally and spiritually.

Through their skills development and training centres, they have trained more than 9500 unemployed people with market-related skills since 1989. They have seen over 80% of their graduates become economically active, with up to 11% starting their own businesses.

Frogfoot is a certified Level 3 BBEEE contributor. Download the certificate here.

Social Investment

The Orion Organisation (http://www.orionfriendship.org) is a model of hope to as many as 3,000 disabled people who have passed through its doors since its inception since 1982. Orion has achieved great things, thanks to the support of partners, stakeholders, donors and volunteers.

Orion is a duly constituted Non-Profit Organisation and Section 21 company with Public Benefit status. The organisation is based in Atlantis, Western Cape, approximately 50km from the city of Cape Town. The organisation is dedicated to caring and providing for the educational, training and therapeutic needs of children, youth and adults living with physical, mental, intellectual and neurological disabilities.